types of sandblasting

types of sandblasting

The process of removing impurities from a surface and making it smooth with the assistance of abrasive material such as sand is known as sandblasting or abrasive blasting. People who work in the painting industry know that sandblasting is primarily used in removing a coat or a layer of paint and make the surface smooth. Over the years, commercial sandblasting services have been used for various purposes. Let’s take a look at the 5 common types of sandblasting done today.

Silica Sandblasting

Sandblasting or silica blasting is one of the most common and traditional ways of removing impurities from a surface. This technique has sand granules that can polish a rough surface and make it smooth. This sandblasting is not a common medium anymore as it is replaced by other effective means of sandblasting materials.

Steel Sandblasting

In this type of sandblasting, steel particles are used to remove paint or rust. Steel sandblasting primarily focuses on removing paint shades and are also known to help in adhesion of your next coating. This type of sandblasting leaves a smooth finish onto the surface after the process is complete.

Bead Sandblasting

In this type of sandblasting, the primary material used to sandblast a surface is glass beads. The glass beads are used to give the surface a matte or a satin look. This type of sandblasting is useful for providing a fine finish and are often used on cabinets.

Soda Sandblasting

The soda sandblasting technique requires the usage of washing or bicarbonate soda. Such an abrasive material does not damage the metal or any other material despite being projected at tremendous speeds. Soda sandblasting can help in removing rust from delicate surfaces on which you cannot use rough sandblasting techniques.

Bristle Sandblasting

Metal or steel wires are used in this type of blasting. Instead of projecting, this technique rubs the steel wires across the surface to remove the impurities. This method is extremely beneficial when it comes to eliminating corrosion.

You can get in touch with a commercial sandblasting services providing company in Edmonton to help you to get rid of dirt or corrosion on your commercial properties. Moreover, a professional company will have the right equipment and the expertise to know what type of sandblasting will be effective to clean your commercial properties.