What’s Wearing Down Your Asphalt Pavement?


Asphalt pavement is usually known for its strength and durability. That is why it is one of the most used materials when it comes to pavement application. Overtime, your asphalt pavement will wear down and cause pavement problems. Here are some of the factors responsible for the deterioration of asphalt pavement.


Low quality asphalt is vulnerable to oxidation from the weather. This leads to deterioration of the asphalt pavement. Oxidation takes place when the oxygen in the air or water chemically affects the asphalt. As a result, the asphalt breaks down. Moreover, the UV rays from sun further damage the asphalt and make it brittle. Therefore, it is recommended that you have good quality asphalt for your pavement from expert asphalt pavers in Edmonton.

Ineffective Drainage

Most asphalt pavers in Edmonton would tell you that water is one of the main reasons for deterioration of asphalt pavement. Over a period of time, the asphalt develops small cracks if it is not maintained well. The water, then, seeps through these cracks and washes the base of the asphalt pavement. This eventually makes the pavement surface crack and breakdown. Therefore, it is important to have a good  drainage system where the water does not accumulate and dries quickly.

Insufficient Compacted Base

Another reason for the deterioration of asphalt pavement is an insufficient or improperly compacted base below the asphalt. Due to this, the asphalt is not strong enough to hold the pavement structure together, leading to pavement problems. Moreover, under or over compaction of asphalt base affects the life of pavement surfaces.

Improper Temperature of Asphalt

The hot mixed asphalt temperature is critical in order to obtain the right compaction and increases the longevity of pavement surfaces. The improper temperature of asphalt will result due to the following reasons.

  • atmospheric temperature of the construction site

  • base temperature

  • the time taken between the creation of hot mixed asphalt and using it at the construction site

  • velocity of the wind (the higher the velocity, the more quickly the asphalt mixture cools down)

  • seasonal changes (extreme cold or hot weather conditions)

Consider all these factors before going ahead with constructing your pavement surfaces. Take the help of expert asphalt pavers in Edmonton who will do the work for you in a much easier and effective manner. Moreover, if there are any problems in your pavement surfaces, call a professional asphalt paver before the condition worsens even more. Want to have long lasting residential or commercial asphalts? Then get it maintained by professional asphalt pavers in Edmonton.

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