When Should You Repave Your Driveway

repave your driveway

If you are confused whether or not you should go for a driveway repaving, you have come to the right place. Driveway repair and maintenance should be done regularly to increase the lifespan of your driveway.

One should consider asphalt driveway repaving when they start experiencing the following signs of distress on their driveway:

Large Holes
If your driveway has a lot of large holes, it is a clear cut sign that you should go for driveway repair. Large holes can lead to automobile damage or personal injury accidents. Similarly, a misstep over the hole on foot may lead to a broken ankle. Apart from personal injuries or damage to your automobiles, large holes in your driveway increase the chance of further damage to the asphalt or concrete. If water is allowed to collect in the hole, then more cracks will form beneath the surface.

Driveways may need to be replaced after every 20-30 years, but it entirely depends on their condition. Even if no visible damage has occurred, the environment will take a toll on its foundation and the driveway will start to corrode. This breaking down of the pavement will eventually show through the surface of the pavement.

Multiple Cracks And Holes
Multiple cracks and holes along your driveway are called ‘alligator skin’. Alligator skin is the most common sign that a driveway needs to be repaved. Once repaved, the cracks and small holes will be filled and will no longer spread. If driveway repaving is not done quickly, the small cracks and holes will become larger and continue to multiply. Eventually, they will form large holes and full driveway replacement will be needed. Professional contractors advise that a driveway should be repaved every 5-10 years to prevent the holes and cracks from becoming too large.

Pavement Erosion
If your driveway looks like it is crumbling or has sections of the pavement that are eroding away, it is time you repaved your driveway. Not only is this unsightly, but it can make a task of walking, driving or parking on your pavement. This will worsen gradually if not looked into soon enough.

Bricks Or Cobblestones Missing
There are definitely times when driveway repaving makes more sense than repairing it. If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, repairing your surface is unlikely to produce the results you desire. Repaving will provide you with the appearance and functionality you desire, which will help you avoid costly repairs for some time to come.

If all these signs are evident, just don’t think twice and get your driveway repaved so that small issues don’t turn into bigger problems and cost you more. Consult a professional today to get the job done.

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