Why is Asphalt used for Road Surface?

asphalt used for road surface

Today, asphalt (also known as blacktop) is the most preferred choice of paving companies when it comes to paving road surfaces. Over the years, this material has proven to be better than other commonly used road construction materials. Asphalt has been a better choice for the countless advantages it provides. Here are some advantages that make asphalt an ideal choice for road surfaces.

Safer Roads

Asphalt creates the smoothest surface to drive on. Open-graded asphalt, a special type of road surface, can even minimize splash and spray during monsoon and reduce accidents and skids on roads. This way, asphalt gives people a smooth and comfortable ride.

Quick Construction

Asphalt roads can be paved just a lane at a time, minimizing disruption and long congestions. Also, the paving projects can often be completed in one short day, even overnight, leaving routes open for people. The material dries so fast that roads will not be blocked or held up for very long.

Economical Option

As the asphalt paving projects are completed in short duration, the overall cost involved in the construction process (including the labor charges, contractor and engineer fees, machinery rent, etc.) is also lower. Moreover, the cost of maintenance of asphalt roads is also relatively lower than the alternative materials. As a result, asphalt is an economical paving material.

Durable Roads

Other benefits of asphalt roads are that they are durable and resilient. As there is hardly any material mixing involved before laying the asphalt layers, there are lesser chances of incorrect asphalt paving which may lead to issues in the future. Asphalt is resistant to extreme weather conditions. Also, spalling, flaking or cracking are not the issues with asphalt roads.

Recyclable and Environment-friendly Roads

Another great thing about asphalt is that it is 100% recyclable. It can be used over and over, and its life-cycle never ends. Asphalt roads can be dug up and then reused again. Post-consumer waste such as used tires and shingles can also be reused in new asphalt pavement. This means that asphalt roads are highly eco-friendly too.

Higher Energy Efficiency

Smooth asphalt reduces the friction between tires and roads, which means better fuel economy and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Special warm mix asphalt roads can be constructed at lower temperatures, further reducing the energy required to heat asphalt materials for road paving.

Ideal Winter Solution

Lastly, asphalt provides comfort during extreme winters and snowfall. Asphalt helps keep roads free from ice and snow. Its black color absorbs the sun’s heat efficiently. This means the snow melts faster, thus reducing the cost of labor and the effort of maintaining it.

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